Our Learning

TOPIC MAP  2016/2017








All About Me:

My Body; Keeping healthy; Senses

All About Me:

My Day & My Night; My Home; Cultures & Beliefs

Bears: Going on a Bear Hunt; Wild Bears

Bears: Threadbear; Goldilocks; Winnie the Pooh

Ground, Air, Water: Jack & the Beanstalk; Underground; On the Ground

Ground, Air, Water: Air; On the Water; Under the Water

Year 1



Hello, I’m new here!

Starry Night

Where could we go for a great day out?

Why do we play with different toys when we grow older?

What can we learn about our world from stories?

Why is water precious?

Year 2

Pride in Place

We are Party Planners!

Mrs Armitage’s Vehicle

The Land Where the Bong Tree Grows

All Creatures Great and Small

How did families have fun in the past? – The Seaside

Year 3

Marconi Mania

Who were the greatest builders in the world?

Let’s go on an adventure

The games children play

Are bugs important?

How can we make living here better for everyone?

Year 4



Marconi Mania

Why do we speak English at school? Where did English come from?

Should we stop eating chocolate?

From a Railway Carriage?

What happens inside us?

Denmark or Germany or Holland or Italy or Norway. What is it like there?

Year 5



Marconi Mania

Mysterious Materials – What is it Made From?

The Fairground

The Highwayman

Do we make the most of what is on our doorstep?

Who are we? Why do we live here?

Year 6



Marconi Mania

‘Has there ever been a better time to live here?’

A study of local life past and present.

‘Why do some creatures no longer exist?’

Evolution and environments.

‘The Lady of Shalott.’

Camelot and Arthurian legends. Materials and changes.

‘Together We Can.’

Identifying key facts about the counties, seas, landmarks of UK. Cross-stitch project.

‘Mini Enterprise and transition project.'