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Who's Who

Senior Leadership
Head Teacher Ms C Laver
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Y Harvey
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Mrs E Wilson
Teaching Staff
Reception / Year 1 (Britto) Ms J Baines
Year 2 (Hepworth) Mrs C White and Mrs A Cooper
Year 3 (Kusama) Miss M Tomlin
Year 4 (Matisse) Mrs Y Harvey and Mrs E Wilson
Year 5 (Ringgold) Mr T Sheffle and Mrs Y Harvey
Year 6 (Warhol) Mrs A Bailey and Mrs N Longshank
Spanish Señorita B Perez
Support Staff
Finance Officer Mrs E Thurlow
Administrative Assistant Mrs V Gray
Catering Manager Mrs T Stephenson
Catering Assistant Mrs L Sappleton
Catering Assistant Mrs K Griffiths
Site Manager Mr M Woollard
HLTA Mrs K Chandler
HLTA Ms J Smyth
Learning Support Assistant Mrs D Kehoe
Learning Support Assistant Mrs N Halliday
Learning Support Assistant Miss O Marks
Learning Support Assistant Mrs K Barrett
Learning Support Assistant Miss Vallova
Midday Supervisor Mrs K Belton
Midday Supervisor Mrs S Rosam
Midday Supervisor Mrs K Griffiths