1st April 2020 Update From Miss Plunkett

Update from Miss Plunkett on 1st April 2020

Good morning - hope you're all enjoying your #PEwithJOE this morning - parents as well?! Today I'm hoping to speak with the families I didn't get round to contacting yesterday and will also hopefully be sorting out Free school Meals vouchers for those who are entitled.

DfE have issued the following guidance for parents and carers - we will make sure it is uploaded to the school's website as well.


As you can see there is still no clear direction about the bank holidays, but it does look as if nobody needs us to be open from Good Friday (10th April) to 17th April. If you are a key worker and you can't arrange suitable child care and you will need us to be open during this time, please can you contact me as soon as possible. If I don't hear anything, we will close!


Have a good day all of you - I think we may be making bears in school today...

Keep smiling,

Miss P x