Report Writing

Annual Reports with a little difference;

Good Afternoon,

We're working on the children's reports at the moment and we'd like to ask the children to do their review of the year. It is slightly different this year... we think it is important that whilst we know it has all been very different for us this year, there have still been some amazing experiences and achievements which have happened throughout.

Children... The teachers are writing their comments (don't worry mums and dads - that's one bit of the teaching thing I'm not asking you to do!); we'll add their comments to yours and then we'll send your reports home to your parents. Can you have a go at completing this and sending it back (either to me or your class teacher) by 12th June.

Those of you who are coming in to school may well get a chance to do it on one of your days here... although you may need to ask your parents about the photo.

Because you and your teachers are going to be working on your reports, and the teachers are maybe going to be trying out slightly different things for you to do, it may be a slightly different kind of dB and Tapestry experience next week. Everything will be up and running properly the following week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss P