Drop Off & Collection Timings

Updated information from Miss Plunkett - 29.06.20

Good afternoon all!

I hope you're all enjoying today as much as I am!! Great to have more children back today and I'm looking forward to seeing more over the course of the week. We don't have to report this figure, but I'm pretty impressed that we've got 80% of our children back over the next three weeks; thank you to all of the staff for going with it and all of you for your continued support.

To make sure things go as smoothly as they can, please can I remind you of timings for each year group:

Key workers Group: 8.45 to 3.15

Reception and Year 1: 9.00 to 2.30

Year 2: 9.15 to 2.45

Years 3 and 4: 9.15 to 2.45

Years 5 and 6: 8.45 to 3.00

We have sorted these times to limit the possibility of parents congregating and to ensure that there are clear paths for all children. We would be grateful if you could keep to these times. Thank you!

We had a couple of sticking points this morning for children who have siblings in other year groups; I hope the following is helpful / clear!

If a child in the KW group has a sibling in another group - all the family should be brought to the KW entrance at 8.45 and the siblings will be shared to their respective groups by school staff. When the other groups finish, staff will bring them back in to the KW group for the rest of the day until they are collected at 3.15.

If a child has a sibling who isn't in the KW group, then parents should drop each child at their respective entrance and collect them from the designated place at the designated time. For collection ONLY if a parent wishes to pick up their children at the same time, then they should pick them up at the earlier time. They will need to inform Miss Plunkett at the start of the day if this is the case. Miss Plunkett will then make the arrangements to get the children to the right place at the right time.

If parents are not able to deposit or collect their child at the correct time, they must inform Miss Plunkett, in advance, so that Miss Plunkett can make the necessary arrangements in line with the full Risk Assessment. To meet the safety requirements, children can not be left in the office (early drop off or late collection) without prior arrangements having been made.

Thank you for your help with this.

Have a good week!

Miss P 🙂