Should your child show symptoms whilst at school;

Please find attached flowcharts for parents which, I hope, give an idea of what will happen should your child display symptoms whilst they are at school.

If a child displays symptoms at school, we will remove them from the class and we will contact parents to let them know. We have limited space at the school but we are advised to keep the child isolated from other children and adults. They will stay in the PPA room (the room on the right as you come in to school).
A member of staff will remain with the child; the member of staff would be in PPE. When we contact you initially we will check that you are happy for us to take your child's temperature. We have an in ear thermometer at school but we understand that it is effective by pointing it at the child's wrist. If you are able to get to the school quickly, we will wait for you to arrive if you prefer.
If a child tests positive we will liaise with Public Health England and we will engage with their track and trace procedures as much as we are able. We then work with PHE to identify the next steps which will be communicated to you as soon as possible.
We will not be testing children here. I understand that all schools are being issued with a few test kits which we can give to parents to use if we feel that they are unlikely to access a test. In our experience it is quite straightforward to book a test and we do feel that the test is best administered by medical professionals.
We do appreciate that some of our parents will find it difficult to drop everything and get here quickly. Whilst we will always make sure your child is cared for, it may be that you would like to identify another adult as a second emergency contact. We will be carrying out the usual data check exercise in September. Please do check that the phone numbers we have are ones which you use. Thank you!
As always - any questions please do not hesitate to contact!