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Hepworth Class - Year 2

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Summer Term 2024


In Year 2, we have a very busy and exciting Summer Term ahead of us, full of interesting and enjoyable learning.

Here is an overview of what our Summer Term curriculum includes ...

In RE, we will have a philosophical focus and our big question will be, ‘Why do people have different views about God?’ This will be explored through the lens of a philosopher (thinking through thinking). We will explore how a person’s behaviour is connected to their view of God. We will also learn about the beliefs of God from at least two different religions/worldviews.


As part of our History curriculum, we will be learning about the significant British monarchs in history. We will have an in-depth study of Richard III as well as asking the children to draw comparisons between Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. The terms learning consolidates the children's awareness of the past and significant individuals through using timelines and making comparisons between various periods in history.


In DT lessons this term we will be exploring mechanisms which links in perfectly with our literacy book – The Dragon Machine. We will create a moving picture based on this book using levers, wheels and sliders. We will explore existing products, design our own moving picture then evaluate our work to see if met our agreed design criteria.


Our Science lessons will be all about Plants! We will be observing and describing how seeds and bulbs grow into plants, growing and looking after our own plants and finding out how plants grow and stay healthy. We will also be carrying out tests to compare plant growth in different conditions. Our School Trip will be all about Plants too!


In Maths, we will be learning about fractions as well as measuring length and height, mass, capacity and temperature. We will be continuing to learn through ‘Active Maths’ activities to enhance our learning.


In our English lessons we will be exploring the books: The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward and Toys in Space by Mini Grey. These stories will enable us to develop our descriptive writing and story writing skills. We will also continue to have our daily RWI phonics and reading sessions which include spellings linked to our sounds as well as giving opportunities for broader writing, punctuation, sentence composition and comprehension.


In Music, we will be identifying and describing changes in pitch, copying pitch patterns, creating and notating simple melodies and performing simple musical accompaniments and preparing for performance- super!


In Outdoor PE, we will be developing our throwing, catching and batting skills to learn to play competitive and co-operative games, including cricket. We will also be practising our running and jumping within a range of athletics activities. In Dance, we will be learning how to move confidently and safely to music. We will develop our fundamental movement skills, linking different ways of travelling to music, with control. This, in turn, will develop imagination, express feelings and share ideas to create short dances.


We will also be going on our very exciting trip to Hanningfield Reservoir to expand our learning within the ‘Plant Power’ workshops. Our class assembly is on Thursday 20th June where we will telling you all about our trip as well as all of our other fantastic learning.


We are really looking forward to this summer term with you 😊