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Matisse Class - Year 4

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors | National Museums Liverpool

Spring Term 2024

Year 4 Spring Term offers a world of learning. Here’s a quick guide to the curriculum.


In Geography, will be exploring the ‘Extremes on Earth’ looking at different climate zones and the importance of the Arctic and Antarctic circle. The class will also explore physical and human geography in our topic ‘Somewhere to Settle’.

Art lessons will allow the class to discover the work of European artists and designers including Michelangelo, Coco Chanel and Rembrandt.

Science lessons will focus on sound and the children will take part in lots of practical lessons exploring vibration, pitch and timbre. Later in the term the class will investigate electricity and link this to design technology by building their own circuits.

Music lessons will introduce the children to the instruments in the orchestra and link to our sound science curriculum by exploring major and minor tonalities equipping the children with the skills to compose and perform their own piece of music.

In RE pupils will explore Christianity and research the big question, How do religious groups contribute to society and culture?

PSHE learning will give pupils the opportunity to explore their role as citizens in the wider community by thinking about issues such as anti-social behaviour, resolving conflicts, digital literacy and safety as well as managing money responsibly.

Computing will provide Matisse class with opportunities for programming as well as data collection and analysis.

In Maths, we will be learning about multiplication and division, length and perimeter, fractions and times tables.

Our English learning will be centred around four exciting texts: Winter’s Child, Odd and the Frost Giants, Norse Myths and Viking Voyagers.


Developing reading skills and rapid recall of times table multiplication and division facts will be a focus through daily collaborative guided reading sessions and exciting competitive battles using ttrockstars software. You can support your child at home by reading with them every day and helping them to practise their times tables. Who will become a ttrockstar Rock Legend?...