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Ringgold Class - Year 5

Faith Ringgold: American People - MCA Chicago

Spring Term 2024


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday, spending time with your families and making memories. Thanks to you all for the gifts, cards and well wishes. I really appreciated them all.

Here’s hoping the children are now ready to come back to school this term, ready to have some fun and make new memories (we might even squeeze a bit of time in for learning!!)

We have some new and exciting topics coming up. Hopefully the weather will be kind and will afford us more opportunities to get ourselves outside of the classroom. Fingers crossed!

Our curriculum has been packed. Here is a peep into what the children have coming up:

In English we will start the term with a short story by Faith Ringgold (the artist & author our class is named after). We will then read and explore ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder, ‘The sleeper and the spindle’ by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell and hopefully finish the term reading ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo. A few examples of the writing we’ll explore within these texts are diary entries, letters of advice, exploring dialogue, creating detailed character and setting descriptions and writing formal and informal letters.

In Maths this term we’ll be focusing in the following units of work through our White Rose scheme of work:

· Multiplication and division (yes more! )

· Fractions (yes more!)

· Decimals and Percentages

· Perimeter and Area

· Statistics

In Science will be covering two units over the term:

1) Forces. This unit will teach the children about types of forces such as gravity, friction, water resistance and air resistance. We’ll explore mechanisms such as levers, gears and pulleys and the children will identify forces. The children will look for patterns and links between the mass and weight of objects.

2) Animals – including humans. This unit focuses on the changes that human beings experience as they develop to old age. The children will learn about the life cycle of a human being. They will investigate the development of babies and compare the gestation period of humans and other animals and we’ll learn about the changes to the body as it gets older, as well as comparing the life expectancy of different animals).

For PE this term we will – weather permitting – work around the following topics:

· Indoors – Yoga & Hockey

· Outdoors – Invasion games & Football

In Geography our unit will be ‘Marvellous Maps’.

In History we will be exploring the ‘Indus Valley’.

In Art our units will be ‘Wildlife Birds’ and ‘South and Central American’.

In Design & Technology our units will be ‘Mechanical Systems – levers and pulleys’ and ‘Frame Structures’.

In RE we will be exploring and unpicking two questions over multiple weeks. 1) What difference does the resurrection make to Christians? 2) How do Hindus make sense of the world?

In PSHE we have two units to explore:

· Diverse Britain

· Digital Wellbeing

As you can see, we will be plenty busy. Keep up the daily reading, with as much Times Table Rockstars as possible. I want a class of ‘Legends’ by the time we get to the Summer Term.

Thanks for all your continued support!